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Restaurant Merchant Account Marysville California

We could help with a restaurant merchant account and delivery transactions. Although using a smartphone to accept credit cards is easier to store in your pocket, utilizing a tablet will allow a bigger display for functionality. It all comes down to what’s more convenient. If the customer will need to fill out an application or sign for something a tablet can be a handy device. Some may prefer a cell phone if there is no signature required or added forms to fill in. In most cases we can ship the mobile card reader the next day. When the card reader arrives you place it inside the headphone jack which is usually found on the top part of the phone. You will need to download the application and log on to start making transactions.


On the move payments can be a huge part of revenue for a restaurant merchant account to help customers at the table. It allows you to assist a customer on the spot which makes it simple for both parties. The reader will give you the option for a face to face payment and you can also use the app to manually enter a transaction. You can download it from any major app store.


When your onsite or delivering a product you can rest assure we provide the best on the go service for credit cards. Like most companies we don’t charge an additional monthly fee to use the service. The average discount percentage for each transaction is higher for mobile payments. It’s slightly above normal but the convenience is well worth the investment. Utilize your full potential with a restaurant merchant account.

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