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Wholesale Merchant Processing

There are an endless amounts of fees for processing payments. It may seem easy to get a good rate, but it can become a difficult task to get wholesale merchant processing. When you have a merchant account and gateway through your website you will always get a mid or non-qualified rate because the risk factor is higher. Payment companies also take in account the different card types and from what country the card holder lives. The volume you do for credit and debit card processing is another strong factor.

Wholesale Merchant Processing

It would be nice to meet the main person who came up with the fee structure for credit card transactions. I’m positive there would be a lot of questions. Like, did you take everything into consideration when you came up with this idea? Or, did you think about the poor people struggling to stay in business when you came up with this formula?

Most payment companies have some kind of meet or beat option to compete with the competition for wholesale merchant processing.

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