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Bank Cards

Bank CardsCash is king, but bank cards still bring in hard earned dollars for business. It’s always been safer than carrying money. Almost all your customer’s have a credit card in their purse or wallet and it’s a must you’re prepared when they pull one out to make a purchase. If you sell small ticket items it’s better you have a low transaction fee. With a big customer purchase you need a better discount percentage to get the best cost for accepting electronic payments.


It’s all in the numbers. We’re proud to service Fair Oaks, California with affordable fees for bank cards. You’ll get a beautiful rate for processing card payments with our company and options for gifts cards to keep your customer’s coming back for repeat business. We also offer website merchant accounts for convenience and e-commerce capability. New model credit card terminals are obtainable with key functions and dual communication for several accounts. Wireless machines with excellent battery life are available.


Having a hard time with bank cards is not an option. You get instant merchant account approval and good turnaround time for hardware delivery.

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