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Card Credit

Card CreditIn order to get your card credit account approved we’ll need a voided business check and the last three merchant statements. You can pick whatever credit card machine you like. The equipment is easy to use. It only takes 10 minutes to fill out the application. Accept credit for your business in multiple ways including a virtual terminal option.


This is not your typical card credit transaction service for Carmichael, California. We know the rules set forth by the card associations and fulfill the agreement for merchants. We have various methods to capture and deposit your electronic payments. Glad to supply you with top point of sale and chip card gear. Your customer card information passes through a secure network once entered into the credit terminal.


We give you the best method to cover phone payments, website transactions, or in store purchases. Get a good stand-alone card credit machine and plug it into a power supply. Attach the machine to a phone line and or an internet connection for speed. The terminal will contact the network to verify the credit card can be authorized.

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