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Credit Card Processing CompaniesWhat is it that makes one product or service better when compared to another?  The usual answer would probably be the price. You know what people say, “You get what you pay for.” But you can’t believe that’s always true. Credit card processing companies are very complex in the sense there are numerous variables to analyze the subject.


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For example, let’s say one of your customers came in with a purchase made 2 weeks ago without a receipt. The amount is a little more than the average ticket, but you know the guy because he comes in all the time. You have no problem issuing the refund, it’s just you need to confirm the amount. The batch was settled a while ago so there’s no way a merchant credit card machine could look up the transaction. Calling customer support to verify the amount is the only option. As you dial the toll free number you notice 2 other people get in line to checkout. After kindly asking the customer with the refund to step to the side so the others could be helped you’re not able to get customer service on the phone due to long wait times. Somehow the phone system dropped the call and you attempt to call again. Now, the customer starts to get a little impatient because it’s been 20-30 minutes with no progress. After calling the 3rd time and not getting through your thinking, “what the heck I hope they plan to hire some more people or something.” Finally, several calls later you’re able to get a representative to confirm the total and give the refund.

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