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Debit & Credit

Debit & credit merchant account services for less is what we offer. Get the best reports online for transaction history. Turn it up a notch and set up gift cards. Help turn your shoppers into loyal customers. Settle your night with affordable transactions. Get a break down for fees that’ll help the situation. Easily minimize discount fees and increase productivity with better service. Increase your total value for payments and receive lower than average rates.


Debit & credit cards are needed to increase revenue for your business. This is your opportunity to receive smaller cost per transaction for your business. Sign up and receive a great percentage rate for your merchant system. We are here to continue to help you grow. Talk to one of our representative and let us answer specific questions related to your industry.


Upgrade your debit & credit transactions with new payment options and customizable accessories. Merchants are liable for chargebacks if they’re not EMV capable. We make sure you’re fully compliant with the latest technology. We understand and help guard you against additional credit card risk. Let’s get you to the next stage and give us a call to go over the fine print.

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