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High Risk Credit Card Processing

High Risk Credit Card Processing

The thing about high risk credit card processing is it’s less likely to get approved compared to a standard payment processing account. There are literally thousands of ways to get a merchant account and payment gateway, but only a selected few companies can handle finding a way for approval. Here are a couple of fine examples. See, the entire situation starts with how solid the relationship is with the bank. If the processor signs a huge amount of accounts on a regular basis it increases the onboarding rate for other merchants. Although this isn’t the only factor it can help. Some merchant services companies may consider financing the project in-house through their gateway by evaluating three months of business checking statements. The monthly maximum is usually set based on the average balance in the account times ten. So, if the merchant has a thousand dollars in the account they’ll be able to accept 10k in credit card transactions.


Thanks for your high risk credit card processing inquiry, we’re satisfied that you’ve chosen us to help you with this. Our source is going to be your best wager for this type of account. The particular situation comes about when you need to take bank cards for your online negotiations but you’ve had issues finding a transaction card processor which will approve you. There’s a positive chance our payment solutions will be able to provide the assistance to make it happen. Most merchant account suppliers feel that the superior chargebacks in the industry are simply too challenging to complete the job. In most all cases, they will instantly decline the merchant services account because of the elevated risk factor. Let’s lay out your approval to make your organization successful. Your very best bet is to work with us to go over your concerns and develop a perfect opportunity.


It’s time to work hard and endorse a plan to complete the task. For those who have even further concerns, know that we’ll answer all your questions regarding high risk credit card processing. On earth, there are low risk in-person payments, but the online card, not present accounts do not come without huge liabilities. You’ll discover there is a void we have fulfilled for diverse payment software and substantial risk. The degree of issues remains depending on the company type. Several corporations sit in the realm of nonapproved because they don’t have an account manager willing to go the distance. Many other merchants we work with have had their accounts canceled without being labeled with any additional risk, never having a chargeback or possibly transaction dispute. Sometimes the results come down to the industry of your business.

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