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High Risk Merchant Account

A high risk merchant account doesn’t necessarily mean you got bad business credit. It simply means the underwriting department considers your transactions to be a greater fraud probability. Let’s say you’re accepting credit cards from another country through your website or even running a lot of over the phone payments. There would be a higher percentage of someone willing to attempt to use a fraudulent card to purchase your products or services.


If your business accepts a high volume of mid and non-qualified payments it increases the odds of it being considered a high risk merchant account for obvious reasons. Another major factor is the size of the transaction being placed. When you deal with face to face payments it’s easier to know what to do best.


Being considered a high risk merchant account is more of a demand option instead of a choice. But you will appreciate the reasons and cost it’ll save you for any mishaps. Get the ongoing support and dedication required to move forward. We’ll help you execute the plan to keep your revenue safer.

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