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Merchant Account Citrus Heights

Compliments, in taking your first step toward a new merchant account service. This is a special occasion for you and we offer full guidance from start to finish. Our rates are very competitive in today’s market. The only time you’ll see an increase is when major card issuers enforce their annual adjustments. Searching for an adequate account service online can be a vigorous task and we understand when you decide to give us a chance it’s nothing short of a leap of faith. Looking ahead please accept this invitation for restructuring your credit card payments.

We all understand the basics of how credit processing works, but the details on what happens on both ends of the deal are a little confusing. The merchant is responsible for providing the goods or services, for which you credit to a card that you should pay off. However, you didn’t calculate the fees that are set when that merchant allows customers to run their credit card and when the cardholder pays using the card. Voiding a payment can cost the merchant money. The bank that credits the account for the purchase asks for a percentage of every transaction on the machine the merchant completes, including a transaction fee. This is called a qualified discount rate. Not to forget mid and non-qualified rates, which require a manual key entry into the terminal. When merchant banks ask for a higher percentage cardholders become responsible for repaying the merchant the difference. These cost vary due to operational fees, such as sending the transaction from the merchant to the processor or printing merchant statements. Keep in mind there has to be a supply and demand to keep the industry balanced.

Merchant Account

In order to begin, you’ll need to request an application. This can easily be done by giving us a call. From day one we value our customers and like to set the correct expectations. Your merchant account rate will be interchange plus and it’s fair and honest. We mark our rate up from the true wholesale cost. Explore the possibilities. Let us help you upgrade your equipment and reach out to every customer. Expand your options with the best technology. We have several products to choose for accepting electronic payments. Get the most advanced equipment to run your customer’s cards. We offer a simple solution and will give you everything you need. Manage your cash flow by reducing the cost of processing. Sign up and get interchange no matter how many credit cards you process. Bring your account close to the cost of each card type. Login to our virtual terminal with the internet. Accept card payments using your desktop, laptop, or tablet. If you like us to arrange the necessary coding for gateway integration, please provide the name of your POS software to cross reference with our product catalog.

Thank you for considering us in regard to merchant account services. A transaction account is a satisfying business decision and helps increase revenue. Most people search for a better rate to save money. The goal is to reduce fees and update payment equipment. Please do not hesitate to call, a representative is standing by to answer questions and go over the application process.


Start the process today by calling (916) 225-0833.

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